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Yoghurt Is Not Sexy

Yoghurt Is Not Sexy is a provocative exploration of food, sex and the Western world we live in, told through an immersive performance art exhibition. 

Centred around Ruby, a character inspired by a recent Magnum Ruby commercial, Yoghurt Is Not Sexy will take you on a journey from childhood to adulthood, exploring lifestyles fed by consumption, the sexualisation of women in adverts, treatment of women and the earth, the role of gender, class, food and sex, and more.

A young woman in white skips towards an ice cream factory. There, an older man watches her slowly bite into the ice cream and later, suck on the stick. As she skips off down the street, we hear the musical refrain: "I dream a dirty dream of you baby". 

Expect a messy, provocative and thought provoking experience that challenges the heteronormative male gaze and our strange intersection of consumption in Western Society.

First seen at Arcola Theatre's Festival 'Today I Am Wiser' last year as a filmed exhibition, Yoghurt Is Not Sexy is made its LIVE debut at Camden People's Theatre with a dynamic ensemble cast.

An exhibition like no other.

Wed 8 Jun 2022, 7:15pm


Calm Down Dear Festival

Cast: Meghan Bartual Smyth, Jessica Friend, Muireann Gallen, Grace Leland, Lily Roberts, Jessica Shaw & Amy Margaretta

Production: Jessica Friend, Amy Margaretta, Jessica Shaw 

Photo Credit: Lexi Clare Photography

September 2021


Today I Am Wiser Festival 

Cast: Christina McGrath, Jessica Friend, Amy Revelle & Amy Margaretta

Director: Anastasia Bunce

Production: Jessica Friend

Photo Credit: Alex Powell Photography 

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