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NYT. Week Two.

What a week! Where on earth do I begin?

It's Sunday, and I have just had my day off with which I went and sat in the sun with a coffee with my friend at NYT and then came back to the accommodation where I answered some emails and did some prep for the Autumn term... I must admit, I also watched 'Ru Paul's Drag Race' which I absolutely love - "Lip sync for your lives". Anyway. It was well chilled out day of reflection, good company and fajitas.

At the start of the week we had a workshop with a fantastic man called Kane Husbands who runs a group called the Pappy Show in London. The workshop focused on physical theatre where we were really able to express emotion, react to each other and explore contrasting movement and sounds. I found the whole day inspiring and in all honesty, I have never felt so free and open in all my life and I know that I will take what I learnt that day and use it in the future.

The next day we had a workshop on film acting and were each put in front of the camera both as an solo introduction and a duologue with another person. Now, I'll be completely honest... the only time I have been in front of a camera is when I have had someone film me perform and when I was in a music video with the D-Day Dolls. So, this was very new to me. Seeing yourself on camera can led the actor to feel self conscious and self critical, which I know I certainly was. It was good experience and one that I will throw myself into again. In the duologue, I played a drug addict asking my therapist for money for my 'gear'. It was highly emotional and a test on my focus as an actor, on reflection I felt that I moved to much for the size of the shot but I was happy with how in depth I looked at the text and thought of my various perspectives. Everyone did a fantastic job that day!

On Wednesday, we had a composer come in and teach us 3 songs for our production which was fun and I even got to do a bit of rapping (new). At the end of the day my fellow 'musos' and I were put into a group to come up with our own composition of a song that we had been given the main melody for. The was a cello, guitar, clarinet and guitar and together they sounded so intense and emotional with such depth and colour. The rest of us were to put together a harmonised version of the chorus and me being me I rose to the challenge because I love harmonising (honestly, I'll harmonise to anything to the point of annoyance) and amazingly everyone else was a harmony geek too so we split into 4-part harmony and with the instruments it sounds gorgeous.

The rest of the week was intense! There was a particular exercise where we were put into pairs, one half of the group at a time and in the pairs we were to do what the director asked of us. We were to look each other up and down focusing on four different perspectives based on the character that we were told and then stare into each others eyes imagining the past, present and future. I could see a whole film in her eyes and it was amazing, I was taken to a whole new place. Whilst this was going on there was music playing which was quite eerie and repetitive, and after a while of doing the above we went into 'the flow' (an exercise we had explored, I will explain another time) where we moved around focusing on our character and reacting to what the did and expressed. We then could use physical contact and every pair was completely in the moment of physical theatre and with their partner, it was fascinating to watch when it was the other halves turn. A heavily emotional exercise and one that I haven't done too much justice explaining, but I would describe it as a natural drug that lead me to a place that no words can describe.

The pictures below are of my day off last week, we went to Southbank and a rooftop bar overlooking St Paul's. There are also pictures of other days socialising and photo's of my new vocal duo that I have launched today. We called The Mezzos -

I have met such extraordinary people here and don't want this course to end!

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