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NYT. Week One.

Day 6. It is safe to say that I have never felt so achy for so long as I do now, it has been a fantastic week which has been mentally and physically tough. I am really pushing myself each day to step over my boundaries and see how far my creative brain can go with each dramatic exercise that we do.

It is inspiring to work with such an amazing director, writer and course assistant, not to mention the fact that everyone in the room is so talented. I can honestly say that I am happy to work with everyone on my course and am blown away by the talent, depth and openness of the actors I am now growing so close to.

We have 3 weeks left to come up with a piece of theatre that will be around 30 minutes long, and the way that we have been working is by improvising and coming up with a scene based on a brief that the director has given us. From that the director has been noting down our ideas and also expanding on them. Today he put together a really moving scene where Boy Jones and Queen Victoria part and Victoria walks into the sea while the rest of the group swallow up the boy (the group are singing), Victoria looks back and the Boy isn't there anymore. I find it quite hard to describe on here but believe me when I say it was epic "Epic Stages Course".

Today, Ellie and I (Ellie did music at Royal Holloway and has a cracking voice) were given the roles of musical directors for when we start to put the music together which is really exciting! Cannot wait to get arranging with the harmonies.

I probably should mention the main stimulus that we are basing our piece on...

...when Queen Victoria was queen, there was a boy (Boy Jones 'Ed') who broke into Buckingham Palace 3 times and on one occasion stole her underwear. The boy exclaimed that he had been hiding there for 11 months and once he was found out, long story short, he was sent to Australia. We are toying with the idea that Queen Victoria (15 at the time) shared a love interest with the boy and kept him there until he escaped and started to tell more than the palace had wanted.

With influence taken from Hamilton the musical, the Streets and the Get Down, the story will be told as a musical and I cannot bloody wait.

To add to this phenomenal experience, you will see from the pictures I have had the chance to do a spot of socialising with a wine or two. Bliss.

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